Fire Stream

Real Name




Mother, Father, Rohit (Cousin), Lily (Sister)




Lighting Fire, Fire balls, Fireup, Ultimate heat


School Student

First appearence

Fire Stream Vol.1

Fire-Stream is a fictional character in r-comic Firestream comics. He is the main charcter of the series and is a superhero who has fire powers.

Character Bio

Rohan is a 16year old school boy. He loves fun with his friends. He lives with his parents and sister on a bypass lane. He discoverd his powers when "One morning i woke up and saw my bedsheet burning" Then his fathe told him how the fire fighters found him in fire and his when he was child.


Powers and abilities

He can light up fire anywhere. He can control fire soak fire into himself or increase fire. He can fire up a part or entire body. Somitimes his shirt and hair burns this is the reason he appears blad most of the time. He learns to fly. Once he heats up so much that he crosser the limit. This is called "Ultimate Heat" and it is said that he heated up more than sun that means more than 60000 degrees.


One possible future is Old and Retired fire stream. He has a fat belly and white hair. He has become lazy and runs a shop. He tells hir adventures to his Grand children

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